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Media Walls Scotland is the leading provider of bespoke media wall kits with built-in fires, speakers and AV in Scotland. With a wide range of high-quality products and expert advice, we can help you create stunning media walls that are functional, stylish, and tailored to your needs.

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Setting The Stage For Style And Entertainment Price's From Only includes

£2,495 +VAT

bespoke design, fire and full installation


Media Wall

In the modern UK home, media walls have become a prominent trend, offering a seamless blend of entertainment, design, and technology. These walls feature large, sleek screens that dominate the space, with minimalistic design elements to complement the overall aesthetic.

Families and individuals alike are opting for these media walls, which serve as a hub for entertainment, connecting smart devices, gaming consoles, and streaming services. Not only do they offer a stunning focal point, but they also allow for a clutter-free viewing experience, with wires and cables neatly concealed.


The media wall trend in UK homes is a testament to the growing importance of technology and design in everyday life, and a symbol of how homes are evolving to meet these changing needs.

Price's From Only

£2,495 +VAT

includes bespoke design, fire and full installation

Media Wall TV's

Modern TVs integrated into new media walls blend seamlessly into the surrounding design. With UHD displays, advanced smart features and hidden cables, they offer easy access to streaming services, gaming, and smart home controls.

Room Focal Point

A media wall, stands as the ultimate modern focal point in a room, offering a choice between minimalist elegance or bold, captivating designs. Equipped with high-resolution screens, modern fires to create the perfect mood, concealed or on show storage, and smart connectivity, it is a harmonious blend of entertainment, design, and technology.


This transformative piece elevates living spaces, creating hubs of modern lifestyle and aesthetic sophistication, where families and individuals can seamlessly merge entertainment and relaxation with the demands of modern life.

It serves as a testament to the evolving role of technology and design in shaping the way we live and interact with our surroundings as well as giving your room a stunning modern focal point to set the stage.

Modern Fire's

Modern built in fires seamlessly integrate into new media walls, providing both ambiance and warmth. These fires feature realistic flame effects, different colours, adjustable settings, and energy-efficient heating options, making them an attractive addition to any home and media wall


How To Get an Online Quote?

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1. Input Your Details Onto Our Same Day Online Quote Form.

2. We shall contact your for your length of wall and a picture of that wall.

3. We shall email you with an online quote and our brochure and inform you of install dates available.

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